Char's Landing Public House

The 100-Year Old
Renovated Church
That Has Taken
Port Alberni By Surprise

Yes, there is History here - reflected in the building's beautiful construction and the craftsman's attention to detail.

And there is definitely Tradition - as evidenced in the musical roots of some of our finest performers on the West Coast.

But, time standing still? Never!

Come check out our community meeting space, open 7 days a week.

With a recent primary liquor license approval, now there are even more reasons to kick back with friends at the Landing.

For a chat over coffee, or relaxing with a glass of vino, Char's Landing Public House is exactly where you'll want to be, after work or a hot day in the garden - on the patio or indoors. Order in some dinner, and relax!

Our ever-changing line-up of music continues to showcase some of the best talent around, both new and established, and our 100-year-old Renovated Church is one of the best places to just sit back and soak up the acoustics.


Charlene Patterson, Owner of Char's Landing

Since arriving in Port Alberni, Charlene Patterson has stirred up the very air with her amazing energy. After many years working in the cruise ship sector of the tourism industry, Charlene made the decision to settle in the beautiful Alberni Valley. And now, with her life-long passion for bringing people together, Charlene is realizing her vision for Port Alberni as a centre for arts and entertainment on Vancouver Island.

Since 2010, Char's Landing has earned a reputation as THE Live Entertainment Venue in Port Alberni, attracting performers in every field with a wide range of talents.

Here, you'll find musicians of every influence from all over Vancouver Island and British Columbia - and some from even farther away. We also play host to writers, dance troupes and community organizations.

Char's Bar & Social is the latest addition to the mix ,bringing expanded hours and new ways to enjoy the Char's Landing community. With an inviting coffee house atmosphere and Char's Guesthouse downstairs, there is not much you won't find here.

At the bar, we have Misty Ridge Coffee, Teas, Victoria's Lighthouse Brewing Comany on tap and Santa Isabela Chilean wines, along with spirits, mixed beverages and many upscale non-alcoholic options available - you can bring your own dinner or order in, bring your book or laptop, play chess or hang out with friends. The choices are all yours!

To keep you guessing, we will also be hosting a variety of Theme Nights - Salsa & Sangria, Movie night, Open Mic night, to name just a few!




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